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Ashkenes, Sada Teacher
Austin, Kathleen (510) 337-7022 ex.7143 Teacher
Baranyi, Cornelia Teacher
Bare, Alan (501) 337-7022 ex.5207 Teacher/2014-15 Math Department Head
Block, Kristina (510) 337-7022 ex.5816 Teacher
Brookner, Lance Teacher
Brose, Patrick Assistant Principal
Bunker, Richard (510) 337-7022 ex.5149 Teacher
Burke, Shelley (510) 337-7022 ex.5243 Teacher
Carbon, John (510) 337-7022 ex.5302 Teacher
Carlson, Michael (510) 337-7022 ex.5245 Teacher
Carman, Chris (510) 337-7022 ex.5152 Teacher
Catipovic, Maja Teacher
Causapin, Patricia (510) 337-7022 ex.5205 Teacher
Caziarc, Steven (510) 337-7022 ex.5215 Teacher
Cover-Griffith, Carolyn (510) 337-7022 ex.5248 Teacher
Craig, Stephanie (510) 337-7022 ex.5505 Teacher
D'Ambrosio, Constance Staff
D'Costa, Antoinette Staff
Dalton, John (510) 337-7022 ex.5422 Teacher
Downs, Jessica (510) 337-7022 ex.5251 Teacher
Erdmann, Susan (510) 337-7022 ex.2386 Teacher
Fendell, Celeste Teacher
Franks, Micah Teacher
Friedman, Craig (510) 337-7022 ex.5202 Teacher
Friedrich, Robert (510) 337-7022 ex.7014 Teacher
Gerber, Molly (510) 337-7022 ex.5220 Teacher
Gerson, Jack (510) 337-7022 ex.5206 Teacher
Goldberg, Allison (510) 337-7022 ex.5219 Teacher
Gregor, Kelly (510) 337-4342 Teacher Librarian
Hardin, Timothy (510) 337-7022 ex.5246 Teacher
Harriman, Amy (510) 337-7022 ex.5223 Teacher
Hernandez, Norma Teacher
Hewett, Kathrinne Teacher
Hoeft, Alissa (510) 337-7022 ex.5247 Teacher
Holmes, Christopher (510) 337-7022 ex.5301 Teacher
Honeywell, Christopher (510) 337-7022 ex.5213 Teacher
Irwin, Kymberly (510) 337-7022 ex.5201 Teacher
Ithurburn, Amy Teacher
Ithurburn, Robert Principal
Joo, Yong (510) 337-7022 ex.5706 Teacher
Kelly, Kim Principal
Kennedy, Kimberly (510) 337-7022 ex.5713 Teacher
Khosh, Parissa Teacher
Klinger, Judith (510) 337-7022 ex.5136 Teacher
Kondo, Robyn Sys Admin
Labarre, Denise (510) 337-7022 ex.5705 Teacher
Lee, Michael Principal
Lenhardt, Miriam (510) 337-7022 ex.5155 Teacher
Louie, Elizabeth (510) 337-7022 ex.5719 Teacher
Loy, Janice Staff
Malik, Rupika (510) 337-7000 ex.5235 Teacher
Mathieson, Scott (510) 337-7022 ex.5242 Science Teacher
McCracken Wu, Heather Teacher
McDaid, Ashley Staff
McKinley, Megan (510) 337-7022 ex.5607 Teacher
Milgrim, Charlene (510) 337-7022 ex.5715 Teacher
Nakamura, Allen (510) 337-7022 ex.5406 Teacher
O Malley, Michael (510) 512-2864 Modern World History and AVID Teacher
Olsen, Terrill (510) 337-7022 ex.5707 Teacher
Oronos, Linda Sys Admin
Patil, Sayalee Staff
Pearse, Joe (510) 337-7022 ex.7012 Teacher
Peterson, Adria (510) 337-7022 ex.7124 Teacher
Peterson, Mary (510) 337-7022 ex.5218 Teacher
Piazza, Lisa (510) 337-7022 ex.5524 Teacher
Playsted, Celine (510) 337-7022 ex.5306 Teacher
Power, Stella (510) 337-7022 ex.5249 Teacher
Quinones, Edward Staff
Quinonez, David (510) 337-7022 ex.5517 Teacher
Ramirez, Marc (510) 337-7022 ex.5305 Teacher
Randall, Brittany (510) 337-7022 ex.5307 Teacher
Randell, Jesse (510) 337-7022 ex.5725 Teacher
Read, Nancy (510) 337-7022 ex.5801 Teacher
Reyes, Gina Staff
Robinson, Deann (510) 337-7022 ex.7109 Teacher
Roenisch, Cynthia (510) 337-7022 ex.5154 Teacher
Rupido, Kaitlin (510) 337-7022 ex.5134 Teacher
Sarvey, Robin (510) 337-7022 ex.5232 Teacher
Sathe Warner, Sheila Staff
Shoshan, Rebecca Staff
Stahl, Barbara Staff
Stein, Robert (510) 337-7022 ex.5138 Teacher
Szeto, Andrea (510) 337-7022 ex.7134 Teacher
Teixeira, Joseph (510) 337-7022 ex.5146 Teacher
Thatcher Stephens, Anne Teacher
Thomas, Brad Staff
Thomas, Bradley (510) 337-7022 ex.7011 Teacher
Treacy, Christeen Teacher
Turpin, Anne (510) 337-7022 ex.5221 Teacher
Wang, Jenny (510) 337-7022 ex.5721 Teacher
Wang, Yi Teacher
Weiskopf, Jessica (510) 337-7022 ex.5304 Teacher
Williams, Julie (510) 337-7022 ex.5401 Teacher
Wilson, Brian (510) 337-7022 ex.5244 Teacher
Wong, Cera (510) 337-7022 ex.5203 Teacher
Wong, Tomas Teacher
Yeo, Clarissa (510) 337-7022 ex.5733 Teacher
Yonn, Martin Teacher
Zimmerman, Carmel (510) 337-2356 Teacher