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2015-2016 Course Catalog

Graduation Requirements

UC/CSU A-G Course List

Counseling Office Locker

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Counseling Staff

AHS Counseling Staff:


Janice Loy: (Last Names: A - F for Grades 11-12; A - E for Grade 9-10)

Constance D'Ambrosio: (Last Names:  G - LIU for Grades 11-12; F - L for Grade 9-10)

Sayalee Patil: (Last Names: LO - SHE for Grades 11-12; M-SHE for Grade 9-10)

Kelley Popish:  (Last Names SHI - Z for Grade 9-12) 


Counseling Office Manager:

Olivia Torres


College and Career Center Coordinator:

LaTasha Warmsley

Counseling Services Available

The AHS Counseling Staff is Available to Provide Guidance and Support to Students, Families, and Teachers! Here are some of the various ways Counselors can help:

  • Monitor Graduation Requirements & Credits
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Referrals to Social Services Agencies & School Based Health Center 
  • Vocational/Career Counseling
  • College Counseling
  • Transcripts
  • Concurrent Enrollment/Summer enrollment
  • Community Service Information
  • Weekly Grade Contracts
  • College Recommendation Letters
  • Social/Emotional Counseling  
  • Assistance With Special Education Services

Requests for Letters of Recommendation (Private Colleges & Scholarships)

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONS: The UC's and CSU's DO NOT Require Letters of Recommendations.

All requests for letters of recommendation should be done in person at least three weeks prior to the due date! Counselors do NOT work on Letters of Recommendation during the Winter Break, so be sure submit all requests no later than Dec 1st!

Counselors require:

  • Completed Student Profile (AHS Student Profile for College Admission Letters of Recommendation)
  • Optional Parent Evaluation (included in the Student Profile)
  • Copy of Student's application essay or personal statement
  • Copy of Student's resume 
  • Any deadlines or specific required information requested in the college or scholarship application
  • Stamped, addressed envelopes if recommendations will not be submitted on-line


Each teacher has his or her own policy regarding letters of recommendation.  Check with the teacher first.    

Teachers require:

  • Teacher recommendation form (download from
  • Unofficial transcript, test scores if requested by teacher
  •  If the teacher is sending letters on paper through the mail, provide stamped, addressed envelopes for each college and the Teacher Evaluation Form that is part of the application. (download from )
  • Any deadlines or specific required information requested in the college or scholarship application.

College Testing: THE WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & HOW When should I take the SAT

When should I take the SAT? Your questions answered about pre-college testing:


PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test)/NMSQT

WHO: Recommended for Juniors. Optional for sophomores, not recommended for those who have not completed Geometry.

WHAT: Good prep for the SAT test. Test results show right and wrong answers and can be used as a study tool. It is also the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Program when taken in 11th grade

WHEN: Given only once a year in OCTOBER

WHERE: Given at Alameda High School

HOW: Information regarding fees and registration announced at the end of September.

SAT Reasoning Test

WHO: Recommended for Juniors & Seniors

WHAT: Used to help determine admission to the UC's, CSU's and most private colleges. Contains 3 sections: Critical Reading, Math and Writing (Each section 800 points, for maximum score of 2400 points)

WHEN: Recommended to be taken in Spring of Junior year and possibly retaken in Fall of Senior year. Test dates are: Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/March/ May/June. December of senior year is the last test date accepted by most colleges.

WHERE:Offered at various high schools in the area. Testing at AHS in Oct., Nov., Dec., May and June.  For testing at AHS, register early.  We fill up quickly.

HOW: Sign up on-line at    Test results mailed directly home to student and to our school. It is the student's responsibility to request test  scores from Collegeboard be sent to colleges/universities that require them. Only Collegeboard can disclose official scores!  Scores do not appear on transcripts.


ACT (American College Test)


WHO: Recommended for Juniors & Seniors

WHAT: Alternate test accepted by UC's, CSU's and private schools. It is preferred by some colleges (Cal Poly SLO and schools in the mid-west).  It includes four sections: English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning.

WHEN: Given six times a year (Sept, Oct, Dec. Feb, April, June) and scheduled on a different weekend than the SAT

WHERE:It is available at several Bay area schools but not given at AHS (closest location is College of Alameda)

HOW:  Sign up at . Test results mailed to student and school; scores do not appear on transcript.


 SAT Subject Tests

WHO: Recommended for Juniors OR sophomores who will be completing a course in the subject they would like to test in

WHAT: One hour subject specific tests and required for entrance into some selective universities.  Subject areas include: Literature, Foreign Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, US History, World History, and Math Level 2. (The UC’s will no longer require the subject tests for the class of 2012 and beyond although subject tests may be required for specific majors such as Engineering…check with the campus).

WHEN Recommend taking the test at the completion of the course in the same subject (generally May or June). Subject Tests are given 6 times a year.

WHERE:Offered at various high schools in the area. Testing at AHS in Oct, Nov., Dec., May and June

HOW:Sign up on-line at Test results mailed directly home and to school.  Scores do not appear on transcript.


 AP Tests (Advanced Placement)

WHO: Recommended for students taking an AP Course in the subject. 

WHAT: Some colleges may give college credit for AP test scores of 3, 4, or 5. (check with college)

WHEN: The AP tests are given only once a year in May and follow a nationwide schedule. 

WHERE:The tests are given during the school day at AHS

HOW: Sign up for test in spring at AHS School Bank. 


 EAP (Early Assessment Program)


WHO: Juniors who plan to apply to Cal State Universities

WHAT: English and Math assessments to earn an exemption from the placement tests required by the Cal State University. The test will be part of the Smarter Balance Testing.  All sections of the EAP test must be completed in order to qualify for the exemption.

WHEN: Given during the Smarter Balance testing in April.

WHERE:  Alameda High School

HOW: Be sure to complete all sections of the English and Math sections of the Smarter Balance test in and to authorize release of your scores to the CSU system.

Graduation Requirements

You must have a minimum of 230 credits as well as the completion of all subject requirements.  The State of California requires the class of 2006 and beyond to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in order to receive a diploma.  Five (5) credits are earned  for each class when the semester is successfully completed (Grades of D or higher).

Alameda Unified School District   Graduation Requirements

1.  English - A student must earn forty (40) credits (four years) in courses offered by the English department under its regular sequential program of instruction.

2.  Social Science - A student must earn (30) credits (three years) of social science, including 10 credits in Modern World History, 10 credits in U.S. History, 5 credits in American Government and 5 credits in Economics.

3.   Mathematics - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in mathematics.  One year must meet the State academic content standard for Algebra I.  The math sequence consists of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.  This sequence is aligned with the state framework.

4.  Science - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in laboratory science, including 10 credits in physical science and 10 credits in a life science.  

5. World Language/Visual/Performing Arts/Career Technical Education - A student must earn ten (10) credits (one year) in visual performing arts and ten (10) credits (one year) in world language.  Students may substitute ten (10) credits (one year) in career technical education for one of these required courses.

6. Physical Education - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in physical education. Freshmen are required to take PE.

7.  Current Life Issues - A student must earn five (5) credits (one semester) in Current Life Issues.

8.  Remaining Credits - are to come from elective courses.

Graduation is based upon the accumulation of a minimum of 230 credits as well as the completion of all subject requirements.  The State of California requires the class of 2006 and beyond to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in order to receive a diploma.   Five (5) credits are earned for each semester class successfully completed.


Students are required to meet the following additional requirements:

1) Attain a cumulative grade point average of not less than 1.75

2) Complete twenty (20) hours of Community Service work during the 9th through 12th grades.