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AHS Library Hours and Policies and Procedures

Hours and rules

All school rules apply in the library.


  • Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Before school:

  • When the librarian is present, students may use the library/media center to check out books, use the school’s computers and printers, and use the tables and pit areas.

During class time:

  • Students may use the library/media center if they are accompanied by a teacher.

  • Students who are sent to the library/media center by a teacher must have a pass from that teacher with the student’s task written on it.  Students sent here without a pass will be sent back to class.

  • Students who have a free period may work in the library/media center as long as they:
    --have proof of their schedule
    --sign in at the front desk
    --are working quietly

  • Students working during a free period may use the school’s computers and printers for school work.  Games and social media are not considered school work.

  • Students working during a free period are not to use cell phones if they are a distraction to anybody else in the library, and they should be kept out of view and on silent if a class is working in the library.

  • Food and drinks are only allowed in the pit.

During lunch:

  • Students must be respectful to and cooperative with the parent volunteers who work in the library during lunch.

  • Students may use the tables, computers and printers during lunch time.

  • Games are allowed on the computers at lunch as long as the volume is kept low and the content of the games is appropriate for school (violence and sexual content are not appropriate).

  • Students may eat or drink in the pit only.

  • Students must clean up any mess they make at lunch time.  If this becomes a problem, the library/media center will be closed during lunch.

  • If no parent volunteers are available on any given day, the library may be closed at lunch.

After school:

  • The library/media center is closed after school on Mondays and Fridays.

  • The library/media center is open after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 4:15 when supervision is available.

  • Students may use the media center after school on those days as long as they are working:
    --independently and quietly
    --with others quietly (group work is OK as long as it is school-related and quiet)
    --with a teacher or student to receive tutoring

  • As such, students may only use the school computers for school work.  The computers are not available after school for gaming or entertainment.

Policies and Procedures


  • 40,000+ books
  • Electronic editions of S.F. Chronicle and Alameda Times Star
  • Two online databases
  • 50 newtorked computers (see Acceptable Use Policy)


  • Students must have an ID card to check out books from the library,
  • Internet is available to all students who have an Acceptable Use Policy, signed by their parents.
  • No limit on the number of books a student may check out
  • Fines of 25 cents a day imposed for materials overdue by one week
  • Students are encouraged to return books as soon as they are finished with them.
  • Books may be renewed if there are no holds on them from other students.
  • Maximum fine is determined by the replacement cost of the book.
  • No food or beverages are permitted in the library.
  • All materials checked out on a student's ID card are the responsibility of that student.
  • Computers are to be used for school related projects.  Students misusing computers will have their computer access disabled.

Computer Labs and Internet Policy:

Computer users and their parents/guardians should be aware that Alameda High School does not have any control over the information on the Internet.  While Alameda High School's intent is to make Internet access available to aid in the collection of research materials and other educational uses, it is possible for the users to access other materials as well.  Because control over the uses of the computer ultimately lies solely with the student, we strongly encourage parents and guardians to set and convey the standards that their children should follow while using computers.  Parents and guardians should read the Acceptable Use Agreement; signing the signature page indicates that both parent and student understand and agree to the policies as outlined therein.


Kelly Gregor, Teacher Librarian